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There is a strong possibility for the anticipated D700x to be announced in the next months. Better wait till the end of this year. Still non-existing, then get the 5DMk2.

We'll find out in early August! HD-Video with a full-frame DSLR is something Nikon doesn't have right now, so perhaps from a need-basis a D700X maybe needed more than a D300s or D3s.

in my opinion
the nikon d700 is better than the 5dmk2 ( i tested both)

so go for nikon ( I have both systems and i liked nikon more)

I have heard that the 24mp Sensor yield is so bad that Nikon is currently loosing money on the D3X. I would not be surprised if the D700X release is delayed until that situation improves.

Or do you think producing more sensors now is the key to that problem?

And if true, how does Sony sell their A900 so cheap?

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